Australian Student Visa

Australia Student Visa Guide

The duration for student visa for Australia is dependent upon the course which is being undertaken. The visa is issued for the duration of the course which is being undertaken, with one month over the course date. Although the minimum age for student visa application is 16 years, yet, there is no maximum set age. The visa can be applied to any age above 16 years and multiple times. Many short courses can be undertaken this way. The courses may range from thoroughly long and professional or academic courses like graduate or Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree, Vocational training, etc. short course like language courses or preparation courses can also be taken.
You can enter Australia on a Student Visa even if you have a high risk passport. Having attained the age of 31 years, opens the possibility of working legally part time along with your studies.
Student Visa also offers people a chance to take advantage of their stay to attain work experience.

Any person in Australia with a student Visa is allowed to work for 4 hours in 2 weeks. During a course pause the students can even work full time. Working part time in Australia means to work from 4 to 5 hours per day. Work hours can be easily scheduled as per your study schedule. Part time work in Australia is highly rewarding financially.  Saving money is a possibility even after allowing students to cover their boarding and lodging expenses with relative ease.
Australian Student Visa does not cover medical or health insurance. The visa fee is 535 Australian Dollars.

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