Canada Business Visa

Canada Business Visa Guide & Assessment


Canada allows visitors to come into Canada as business visitors, so as to allow people to contribute to its economy. No separate visa application exists for a business visitor. To visit Canada for business purposes, the candidate is in need of a TRV or a temporary resident visa. To obtain a TRV you will need to show your letter of invitation from the prospect business partner. You will also need to provide contact details of that partner, which is reachable 24 hours.
If you are a US or Mexican resident, then through NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement, the residents of these states may also take part in marketing and research.
Any person wishing to visit Canada to invest in the  Canadian economy, expanding personal business and furthering business links and relations is regarded as a business visitor. The above mentioned criterion qualifies you for a business visa. The business venture may include purchase of Canadian products, and services for a foreign investment, attending business related professional gatherings, being trained by a Canadian company for which you are employed overseas.

In order to apply for a business visa, you will have to show certain things in your application. The candidate needs to explicitly state that the intended duration of stay is less than 6 months. There is no intention of entering the Canadian Labor Market and that your main profit generating business is not within Canada. In the event of planning a stay longer than six months you will have to acquire a work permit. Other criteria include a valid passport, financial stability, police certificate, medical exam and exit plan.
Before applying for the Business visa, you will also need to establish if the residents of your country require a transit visa or visit visa to enter Canada. The visa can be extended if need be but the application needs to be submitted 30 days prior to the expiry of the valid visa.

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