Canada student Visa

Canada Student Visa Guide & Assessment


To study in Canada, you will need a student visa or Canadian study permit. Depending upon from which country you are applying; you may also need a TRV or a temporary resident visa. The candidates are required to personally fill out their application form. In case the applicant is below the age of 18 years, the guardian can do so in their stead.
There are certain exceptions to people who need a study permit. The ones who do not need a study permit are; applicants enrolling in a short course, persons who are foreign representatives or delegates, members of foreign armed forces, and registered Indians.
The first and foremost thing is to find an institute which you want to or can attend. The study permit will not be issued without a letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution. The letter of acceptance must be from a university or institute which is a Designated Learning Institute – DLI. The DLI# needs to be filled out on your application form. There are separate visa application forms for applying from within and outside of Canada.

To apply for a study permit you will need to submit the required documents. The documents include; letter of acceptance from a DLI institute, proof of identity like a passport, credible proof of financial stability and support, and a letter of explanation. You will also need to establish if you are even eligible to study in Canada or not. The eligibility is determined by letter of acceptance, financial stability, police certificate, and medical exam.            
The application can be submitted online or on paper. While applying online you will need a valid credit card to pay the visa fee. While applying on paper the visa fee will have to be submitted manually at a visa application center.
The study permit can also be extended or restored depending upon your course. This has to be done at least 3 days or a month before the expiration of the current valid permit.
The Study permit also allows students to work on campus, off campus, as internee, and post-graduation.

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