Canada visitor Visa

Canada Visitor Visa Guide & Assessment


The Canadian visit visa is issued for visiting family, grandchildren and friends in Canada, or as a tourist for vacationing, or for a business trip. First of all you will need to establish if you need a visit or transit visa to enter into Canada.
Citizens of 29 countries and 1 territory along with their documentation need to provide their biometric data. While applying for the visa, the application may be submitted online or on paper. If you are submitting the application on paper and also need to provide your biometrics, then submit your application personally at the visa application center. The biometrics will only be taken after the documents and fee payment has been established.
If you are applying for a visit visa for visiting Canada as a tourist, then you need to be in possession of; a valid passport, health certificate, strong reasons for returning back home like family and work (and are able to convince the immigration officer of it),  and financial stability, Canadian relative’s letter of invitation, and a temporary resident visa.

While applying for a Canadian Visit Visa, you should consider that certain passports issued by Somalia; Czech Republic; Temporary South African passports and provisional Venezuelan passports are not considered valid for entry in to Canada. Having any kind of criminal record can make you inadmissible in Canada. Tourist visit visa can be extended, but the application needs to be submitted 30 days before the expiry of the valid visa.
If you are visiting your grandchildren in Canada then you can apply for the parent and grandparent super visa. The visa is issued for up to 10 years. You can also visit family for two consecutive years. During this time you will not be required to renew your status. This visa may be acquired by applying for a temporary resident visa.
You may also get a visit visa if you intend to visit Canada for business purposes. To get a visit visa you will need to fulfill certain criteria.
During your visit in Canada you can also travel and work as a part of the IEC or the international experience Canada program.
You may also get a transit visa to pass through Canada while travelling to another country. This visa is issued for a stay of less than 48 hours.

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