Denmark Business Visa

Denmark Business Visa Guide & Assessment:

Business visa or a visit visa with regard to a business venture is also issued by the Danish Government. For attaining a business visa, you will need to have an existing business relationship with a Danish company. The business connection or relation needs to be established prior to entry in Denmark. The commercial relation needs to be predetermined, with the business centering on your established business in your home country.
If you fall under any of the Danish work permit schemes, like the corporate scheme or the fast track scheme, then you are not eligible to receive a business visa. In the case of an applicable scheme, you can apply for a work permit. Having a three month business visa entitles you avail certain work opportunities, without the need for a work permit.

If by any chance you fall under suspicion for overstaying your visa or that you will attempt to permanently stay in Denmark, then your application will not be approved. Such incidents, specifically with Chinese business visitors have led to specific checks and balances being placed on business visas.
In the event that a company is organizing a large professional gathering, then the immigration services can aid in acquiring the visa. Same goes for a company acquiring an approval before hand for professional business visits and guests.
Your visa application is more likely to be processed within a fortnight. If your case ends up as a bona fide case, then you will be issued a business visa by Danish diplomatic mission without the need to refer to the Immigration Services.  
If your case becomes suspicious with the intent to over stay or a permanent stay in any of the Schengen countries, including Denmark, then your case will be referred to the Immigration Services. The final ruling will be carried out by the Immigration Services after thorough investigation.
To ensure that your case is neither forwarded to the Immigration services as well as rejected, provide authentic as well as necessary information. Provide; necessary proof of your business venture, personal details as well as background, a letter of invitation, proof of active organization, you are visiting, proof of correspondence and the actual intended purpose of visit.

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