Denmark Study Visa

Denmark Study Visa Guide & Assessment:

Denmark requires that in order to study in Denmark, you should be in possession of a residence permit. Remember, that a residence permit is different from a residence visa. If you will apply for both at the same time, then this will lead to the cancellation of your application.
Citizens of the Nordic countries and the EU or EEA are free to enter Denmark without any residence permit.
Before applying for a residence permit as a student it is necessary that you should already be enrolled in an educational program. No residence permit will be issued in the vent of not being a student.
A residence permit should be applied for if you wish to stay longer than a period of 3 months. If your stay is less than three months than a visit visa can be acquired. The visit visa needs to be utilized within a time limit of 180 days.

A program is regarded as a higher educational program if it falls under the coordinated application system. While applying for such a program you will need to provide the necessary documentation like an admittance letter from the university, somewhat fluent in Danish, Swedish, English, German or Norwegian language, also a proof of financial stability.
Enrolling in a one year high school program with the above mentioned conditions, allows you to be granted a residence permit for study. Persons taking admission in a trade school are not eligible for a residence permit. You cannot attain a work permit while studying as a basic and youth student.

A residence permit for a total of 18 months can be issued for undertaking a course at folk high schools. Work permit cannot be attained with a residence permit for studying at a folk school. Being enrolled is a necessary condition; non-compliance can result in the permit being revoked.

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