New Zealand Business Visa

New Zealand Business Visa Guide & Assessment:

While applying for a business visa for New Zealand, it depends on the kind of business venture and project that you are undertaking. There are three possible scenarios when it comes to acquiring a business visa.
If you are looking to run your very own business venture in New Zealand then you will have to apply for the Entrepreneur visa. To acquire this visa as such you need to be a successful and experienced businessman. The visa initially allows a time period of 12 months for you to establish, purchase or acquire a business. Once you convince the Business Migration Branch of your established business and your capacity to successfully run and manage it, then you will be given another 24 month extension on your visa.
After a successful 2 years running of your established business, you will be able to apply for the Entrepreneur Residence Visa. The same conditions apply to you for obtaining a residence visa if you have a long term business visa or the LTBV.

Investing is always welcomed in New Zealand. There are three kinds of investor’s business visa which can be acquired. These are the temporary Retirement visa, investor visa and investor plus visa. The investor and investor plus visas are available for persons looking to invest a capital amount in a business in New Zealand. Investor and investor plus visas allow you to take up residence in New Zealand, while the Temporary Retirement Visa is valid for a time frame of two years.
If a business is moving or relocating to New Zealand and you hold a significant position at in the business, then you can apply for residence through the Employees of Relocating business visa category.

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