USA Visitor Visa

USA Visitor Visa Guide & Assessment:

United States cannot be visited without acquiring a visa. The visa might be temporary or permanent, but in order to visit for a short time, you will have to apply for a temporary visit visa.
While on a visit visa you are not eligible to take admission in a certified course, get employed, conduct paid performances, work as a foreign journalist, and reside permanently in the US.
Visitor visa is a non-immigrant and temporary visa. There are three categories of temporary visitor visa to come to the United States.
Business Visitor Visa B1
While coming to the United States on a three month Business Visitor Visa you will be able to carry out consultation regarding your business with your business associates. The B1 visa also permits you to make a purchase with regards to an estate and settle a contract. While the B1 visa does not allow you to secure a paid job, it does not prevent you from attending any scientific, educational, professional or business seminar, conference or convention. The B1 visa is never granted without the B2 visa.

Tourism and Visit Visa B2
The B2 is the Tourism and Visit visa. It is granted when you are visiting the United States for a holiday, vacation, tourism, visiting family, visiting friends, has a medical treatment, unpaid participation in music or sports event, and the recreational uncertified course.
After completing an online application form and submitting it. You will be called for an interview. If you are less than 13 years old or older than 80, then an interview is not required. Between the ages of 14 to 79 it is usually a required condition. Attaching necessary required documents is a necessity. Free visa assessment